First Time?

Here we are going to breakdown the ground rules to keep you safe and clean during your practice - as well as some pointers to make your first visit as amazing as you are!


Just a Few Things to Remember

Please remove your footwear before entering the yoga room, we try to keep our floors looking shiny and new!

Be mindful of your classmates time and space - and try to keep distractions to a minimum

After the session is over - help to clean your area to the best of your ability



What to Bring Along

We've got you covered with towels, straps, blocks, and rental mats - but you are welcome to bring your own gear

Wear whatever makes you comfortable - we suggest something light, flexible, and breathable

We have a designated storage area to keep all of your personal belongings



Stay Hydrated

We advise to get water in your system before class starts to get a head start on keeping your hydration up

Bring as much water as you would like to have next to you and your mat - and you are encouraged to drink as often as you need

If you happen to forget your own supply - don't worry! We have a cooler full of water bottles available to purchase